The Korean taste that the world enjoys Paldo is expanding its businesses to the global arena to develop into a global food brand. With the first export in 1983, now our products are exported to around 70 countries in North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. With the primary goal of settling in the local market, Paldo is expanding its brand power through domestic and international exhibitions, foreign buyer consultations etc. Paldo is making progress every year through providing better quality products and superior taste.

Main Exporting products

Instant Noodles
Packet noodles, Dosirac Square type instant noodles, Bowl/King Bowl noodles, Cup/King Cup noodles.
Aloe Drinks (Original / Sugar Free / Pomegranate / Mango / Blueberry / Guava / Pineapple / Guava / Greentea flavors), Korean Traditional Drinks, Santafe Coffee, Children's Drinks
Red Ginseng, Roasted Seaweed, Snack, etc.

Primary Exporting Region