Welcome to Paldo Import Business We are committed to accomplish the mission of being an excellent food importer. Our mission is a high satisfaction of our customers and to meet various demands of our customers. We also would like to be a leader of food and beverages importer in our market.

At present, we have imported a number of goods into our market like aloe, sugar, candy and snacks so on. Furthermore, beyond the food and beverages, we will try to import in all goods.

To supply for nutrition, healthy, and wellness to our customers, we will do our best to convince our loyal buyers such as Department stores, CVS(Convenience stores), Mega stores, Super market,..etc.

Vision of Import Business

In recent years, we have developed the relationships with our all distribution channels and the strong relations with local wholesalers and vendors.

To become an one of the biggest importer in Korea, we always have a mind of best interest to provide high quality food and beverages at reasonable price to our best customers.

“Premium and Weil-Being” is our best pursuing value as an one of the leading importer in Korea.

Finally, Paldo will be an international Importer of all over the world as well as world wide Exporter.

Strong Sales Channels

All new items are valued at the phased stage channels like below.