Production Facilities

State of the art facilities, Highest quality

Paldo's production plants adhere to strict quality management and continuous modernization of production facilities to create quality products. In turn, our customers give us unswerving loyalty. Paldo is committed to maintaining clean and advanced facilities as well as providing welfare and good work environment for our employees. Paldo believes that a great work environment results in higher productivity and better quality products. Also, Paldo is actively involved in corporate social responsibility activities to drive the economic development of local communities. Paldo is setting a great example as a leader in the food industry.

Besides the ramen factory in Icheon and beverage factory in Jincheon, Paldo has built a new ramen factory with advanced facilities in Naju which will help strengthen Paldo's lead position in the industry. Each factory adjusts the production quota in real-time through the ERP system that monitors the distribution quantity. This ensures that the products are always fresh and safe. Paldo's products are delivered to stores and markets across the country from the Distribution Centers of Paldo's logistics network.


HACCP KOSHA ISO Product-Specific


  • Icheon Factory 1655 Jungbudae-ro, Bubal-eup, Icheon-si, Gyunggi-do Tel. (031)632-5353~5 Main product : Ilpoom Jjajangmen, Hwa Ramen, Gomtang Men, Bibim men, Bowl Noodles, King Cup Noodles
  • Jincheon Factory 88 Gwanghyewon sandan-gil, Gwanghyewon-myun, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk Tel. (043)535-0300 Main products: Shikhye, Soojeonggwa, Santafe, etc
  • Naju Factory 62-107 Dongsu nonggong danji-gil, Naju-si, Jeollanamdo Tel. (061)332-8424 Main products: Dosirac Noodles, Ilpoom Jjajangme, Namja ramen, King Cup Noodles