Endless challenge for better quality products

Paldo Central Research Institute is a research center of top food experts leading the food industry in Korea.
It has developed many different products in various fields, such as ramen, beverage products, home meal replacements(HMR), and snacks.
Moreover, it possesses the best liquid soup and retort-manufacturing technology in the food industry.
Through a new interpretation of traditional foods and advancements in manufacturing technologies, we make an effort to researches and develops better products.
The center conducts continuous research and technology development in the food safety field, the food-manufacturing technology field for the development of new high-quality products that achieve customer satisfaction, and the basic research field for the development of new innovative sectors.


The R&BD Center has played a leading role in the field of food development in Korea through the acquisition of major food development-related patents.
It has taken the lead in food research with 14 patents such as “A beverage of Fermented Buckwheat and Its Manufacturing Process” and “Tea Beverage Using Alkaline Water and Its Manufacturing Method” as well as “An Alginic Acid Bead Beverage and Its Manufacturing Method.”
In addition, it has spurred research on the globalization of Korean food, food analysis, and manufacturing technologies through its research and development of traditional foods.